Scallop Rim 干贝边 (200g)


重量 Weight:200 GRAM


  1. 具有滋阴补肾
  2. 和胃调中功能
  3. 能治疗头晕目眩
  4. 咽干口渴
  5. 虚痨咳血
  6. 脾胃虚弱等症状
  7. 常食有助于降血压、降胆固醇
  8. 补益健身
  9. 具有抗癌
  10. 软化血管、防止动脉硬化等功效


The nutritional value of scallops rim is very high ,it contains many essential nutrients for the human body.

First scallops rim contain a large number of rich and diverse amino acids ,such as amino acetic acid ,such as calcium and zinc ,it s worthy of high -quality ingredients comparable to abalone and sea cucumber.

Weight: 200 GRAM
Please Keep to sealed and chilled

* 照片只供参考, 图片与实物将有些许色差 *
* Photos are for illustration purposes only .The actual product may vary due to the natural color. *

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